Presentation of the book “Sangue Vermelho”, by Joana Páris Rito

In her third novel, Joana Páris Rito, a Braga-based author, explores historical themes that still resonate today. An old man caught up in memories. A whale hunter. A blind girl who reads the spirits of the living and the dead. A protective innkeeper. An ambitious Irishwoman. A powerful madam. Another Portuguese procurer. A petite prostitute. A woman with the Midas touch. A French aristocrat who denies her origins. A decimated Amerindian tribe. A young bourgeois man who embraces his homosexuality in the Civil War. A free-thinking slave. Two female lovers whose forbidden love persists in a world that no longer exists. An Italian who sculpts shrubs. A seer and healer whose supernatural beauty has a touch of magic realism. A Portuguese family in North America and other characters who embody the ambiguous nature of the human condition.
Featuring: Paulo Coelho