Rita Redshoes

Rita Redshoes

Lado Bom, released last October, is the fifth original album in her discography and her first to have been entirely written in Portuguese. The album recently received the José da Ponte 2022 award from the Portuguese Society of Authors, thus solidifying her work with one of the most important national accolades. Rita Redshoes is a unique artist who brings the energy of her own artistic and life experiences to the stage, in performances characterized by her serenity, elegance, and distinctive mystery. 

Lado Bom is undeniably her most intimate record yet, and the artist describes it as “a survivor, the most personal album of my career, a first person account of one of life’s greatest transformations.” 

With five albums out – Golden Era (2008), Lights & Darks (2010), Life is a Second of Love (2014), Her (2016) and  Lado Bom (2021) – Rita Redshoes made her solo debut in 2008, when she was still a member of Atomic Bees. As an author and performer, she has collaborated with David Fonseca, The Legendary Tigerman, Noiserv, GNR, and Fernando Tordo. She has also contributed to numerous award-winning soundtracks for theatre and film, some of which have been released as albums. 

In the realm of literature, she has published four books: her first, Sonhos de Uma Rapariga Quase Normal (2015, Guerra & Paz), as author and illustrator, followed by children’s book O Gato Surucucu e o Corvo Negro (2016, Science4you), an edition of Peter Pan (2017, Empresa) with annotations by her, Rita e a Floresta dos Legumes and Rita e a Aventura Feliz (2017, 2022, educational books in partnership with the company Betweien). She holds a postgraduate degree in literary fiction. 

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