A Dance Show made in Braga at Utopia

Ent’Artes – Dance School and choreographer Filipe Narciso are creating a show inspired by the concept of Utopia. It is called «(Não) Lugar», and it will premiere at the Youth America Grand Prix in Paris before returning to Braga on the last weekend of Utopia.


Synopsis: “Swan Lake,” the most classic ballet in all of the classical repertoire (premiered in Russia, February 1877), highlights the essence of a dancer’s work: sacrifice, determination, and a constant pursuit of perfection. In this sense, and drawing inspiration from the word Utopia, which can suggest something impossible or exactly the opposite, implying hope… we have chosen the most iconic of ballets and have reimagined it from a contemporary and current perspective. We embrace utopia as a journey to be undertaken and reject the idea that it may be unattainable. Utopia will drive us to keep moving forward.