Afonso Cruz at the Utopia Festival

Author Afonso Cruz will be at the Utopia Festival.

Known for novels such as Jesus Cristo Bebia Cerveja, Para Onde Vão os Guarda-Chuvas and The Books that Devoured my Father, he is contributing to the festival as the creator of an original work combining music, imagery, text and performance.

The show will take place at Espaço Vita, at the Imaculada Chapel. The debut will be on November 3rd, at 10pm, followed by a second performance on the night of November 4th, at 9:30pm. 

It will be a show that explores the end of the individual and collective world, both in terms of geography and time. Using a multidisciplinary narrative, the play delves into sensitive issues, such as the extinction of indigenous peoples (particularly the nomadic peoples of the Strait of Magellan, as an example of collective extinction), and the pain of losing a child — also seen as the end of the world. Darwin is one of the protagonists of the narrative, along with a Fuegian native who was bought for a button, on a journey across the inhumanity of human zoos, dictatorship, the devastation of nature and the unbridled exploitation of natural, and most of all human, resources. A global perspective intertwined with intimate stories of those who face tragic loss and the pain of absence, making use of language, but also music, images and dance.