Traveling with Maria Ondina Braga

Traveling with Maria Ondina Braga is a literary excursion that makes part of the Utopia Literary Festival and encourages participants to get to know the city and one of its most remarkable writers.


Maria Ondina Braga (1922–2003) was a prominent Portuguese writer known for her contributions to literature, especially in the genres of fiction and poetry. Born in Braga, she grew up during a period of significant political and social change in Portugal, and her writing often reflected her observations about society and her exploration of human emotions.


Throughout her career, Maria Ondina Braga published numerous novels, short stories, and poetry collections. She received recognition and awards for her literary achievements, contributing to the rich landscape of contemporary Portuguese literature. Her works continue to be appreciated for their poetic language, emotional depth, and exploration of universal themes.


Maria Ondina Braga led a modest and frugal life, choosing to dedicate a significant portion of her time to translation work. For every three months spent on translation, she reserved one month for her true passion: writing.


In 1982, Braga acknowledged that her way of life was becoming increasingly rare, a reflection of changing times. Despite these challenges, her commitment to literature remained unwavering.


Join us on the literary journey “Traveling with… Maria Ondina Braga”.