Afonso Cruz

Afonso Cruz

Afonso Cruz (1971) is a writer and multidisciplinary artist. Since 2008, the year he began his writing career, he has published forty books, including novels, plays, non-fiction and essays, photo-text, poetry, young adult novellas and illustrated albums. The rights to his books have been sold to publishers in over twenty languages.

Some awards and distinctions: Maria Rosa Colaço Literary Prize, Camilo Castelo Branco Grand Prize for Short Stories, European Union Prize for Literature, Autores/SPA Prize (two wins in different categories), Fernando Namora Prize, the Brazilian Fundação Nacional do Livro Infantil e Juvenil (FNLIJ) Prize, Maria Ondina Braga Grand Prize for Travel Literature/Portuguese Writers Association, Bertrand Prize and the Portuguese National Illustration Prize.

Day 03.11 | 22.00 | «O que a chama iluminou» performance

Day 04.11 | 21.30 | «O que a chama iluminou» performance

Day 05.11 | 17.00 | “The Music of Words and Songwriting” talk

Day 06.11 | 12.00 | “Leva-me ao Teu Líder” book presentation